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OSMS - Online Student Management System

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Simplify data-driven decision making and provide real-time information to administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Provides demographics, attendance, scheduling, report cards, NCLB reporting, and much more. MMS provides powerful, affordable membership management solutions for organizations ranging up to 1,000,000 members. Our easy solutions automate and streamline each part of the membership experience: membership database management, dues renewal, event registration, email communications

OSMS easy-to-use student information system. Educators and administrators can rely on OSPS to access student data and make insight-driven decisions that increase student learning.


In addition, Our Online Student Management System (or OSMS) is designed to be a seamless add-on to your web site. The OSMS can provides an online administrative or parent's area where parents can view and manage the details for his/her child. On the other hand school administration can manage the details on students easily.

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Brief on Online Student Management System


Our student information system (OSMS), is the cost effective choice for school administrators across the Sri Lanka and in any other country. Founded few years ago by Ceylon Web Designs (Pvt.) Ltd. for educators, our software is designed to meet the unique student information management needs of all types of schools and districts, public, private and international, elementary to post-secondary.


See our Student Management System in Your computer, provide an easy-to-use integrated student management software system that streamlines administrative tasks throughout the entire school. Administrator's Plus offers unsurpassed technical support and leading-edge features such as report writers with graphics, integrated e-mail, e-portfolios, photo ID cards, skills-based report cards, student information online and on Palm and Pocket PCs, and so much more. With our parent-student Web portal, you can improve school-to-home communication by making homework, grades, attendance, schedules, discipline and more available online.




  • Designed for Small Districts and Non-Publics
    OSMS was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of small districts and non-public schools. It provides all the functionality to run a small organization without the complexity and overhead required by medium or large districts.

  • Easy to use
    Since it's designed for smaller organizations, OSMS is very easy to use. We've stripped out large-district features, so it's simple and easy to learn. Users can become productive quickly and are very satisfied.

  • Affordable
    Since OSMS is sold as a web-based yearly service, there are no large up front costs. The low annual fee rate fits nicely into the yearly budget. You'll never need to float a bond or run a fundraiser to pay for it.

  • Easy data entry by office staff
    Since data entry is a concern to the office staff, special attention has been paid to allow easy entry and retrieval. The time saved will allow office staff to pay more attention to their many other important tasks.

  • Staff can access student data
    Authorized staff (principals, counselors, teachers, etc) can access student data and collaborate on student issues. This frees the office staff from being constantly interrupted for basic student info (phone numbers, parent names, bus route, etc).

  • Querying and Reporting
    OSMS can generate the plethora of reports required to run a school. There are also custom reports for generating data unique to your organization.

  • Seamless integration with Teacher Ease
    OSMS and Teacher ease share the same internal database, so any work done in one product will instantly appear in the other. When a schedule is setup in OSMS, the classes/rosters automatically appear in Teacher ease When teachers enter grades in Teacher ease they appear in OSMS.





OSMS uses extensive security measures to assure your organization of the highest possible integrity and protection. It should be noted however that this is limited to OSM System and the software it installs. The security of the operating system is considered the responsibility of the system administrator and is not part of the OSM System. Further, it deals nothing with the computer which you use.


  • OSMS uses the secure HTTP (or HTTPS) protocol. All data and communications between users and the system are fully encrypted and secure.

  • OSMS can provides a self-signed secure socket layer (SSL) certificate that enables secure transactions between a remote user and OSMS. However, this certificate is not from an "official" authority and will not be recognized by the web browser as being valid for the login URL, which results in warning messages. If you wish to use an authentic SSL certificate you can. Certificates can be purchased directly through the OSMS administration or by contacting a certificate-signing authority directly.

  • When registering a client, you are upload a picture for his/her profile. It is possible to view or update that picture above from members panel.

  • There is a possibility of entering different details for A client (which is added into system ) to ensure that member came from an agent or existing customer.

  • OSMS provides additional security measures, allowing the administrator to restrict system access to specific user at any time.




OSMS Interface Specific Features


This section focuses on description of the specific features of OSMS web-based interface.


Home Page panel


The system interface is divided into two main parts. The navigation pane occupies the down left. In the left part you can operate particular OSMS component selected from the navigation pane.








The Logout shortcut located in the navigation pane provides you to end up you session with OSMS. OSMS do not just close OSMS without ending up your session. (for security reasons)

Anyway, if you will not command the OSMS System within 20 minutes, the system will automatically end up your session and then you will have to login again.


Working with Lists of Objects


You may have considerable number of objects within OSMS system. In order to facilitate working with the different lists of objects (for example, Lists of Employees, documents, etc.), the special tools are provided: Search and Sorting.


To search in a list, navigate to the respective search page enter a search pattern into the Search field, and click Search button. All matching items will be displayed in a reduced list.

To sort a list by a certain parameter please go to reports page.


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